I have found this quote to be a guiding principle of my life. It has fueled my passion to teach others how yoga can improve their health and well-being. It has also led me to continue my training as a yoga instructor so that I can improve my knowledge of yoga and provide my students with the best possible experience in class. I provide each student with individual attention with a focus on their body's yoga each and every time they step on their mats. My life's mission is to give veterans with PTSD a peaceful mind, a grateful heart and a joyous spirit through the practice of yoga.


  • 40 Hours Yoga for Amputees
  • 60 Hours Anatomy of Breath-Centered Yoga: Appendicular Body
  • 32 Hours Continuing Education Credit in Adapting Yoga for Disability Level I/II
  • 100 Hour Certified Mindful Yoga Therapy Instructor
  • 30 Hour Mindful Yoga Therapy Adaptive Yoga Teacher Training
  • 500 Hour Certified Embodyoga© Teaching Training
  • Registered with Yoga Alliance