"In Learning Take Great Delight"

I have found this quote to be a guiding principle of my life. It has fueled my passion to teach others how yoga can improve their health and well-being. It has also led me to continue my training as a yoga instructor so that I can improve my knowledge of yoga and provide my students with the best possible experience in class. I provide each student with individual attention with a focus on their body's yoga each and every time they step on their mats.
My life's mission is to give veterans with PTSD a peaceful mind, a grateful heart and a joyous spirit through the practice of yoga.

Things to Know

It is best to practice on an empty stomach. Nothing to eat 3 to 4 hours before you come to class.
Bring a water bottle to class, and try to drink a little extra water a few hours leading up to class.
Please refrain from wearing any perfume, after shave or strong scented body lotion.
Please leave your phone in the car, this your time, the outside world can wait an hour.
For health reasons I do not have community mats. You can purchase mats at Target, Walmart, Marshall, TJ Maxx and any sporting goods store. I suggest that you start with an inexpensive mat. Yoga is not for everyone. If you find that you want to continue and establish a regular practice, I can give you lots of suggestions about what type of mat you may can upgrade to.
Mat Etiquette:
It is considered poor yoga manners to walk on someone’s mat.
Proper attire:
Shirts: should be comfortable, but not too big. (It will just get in the way). Should be snug enough and long enough to so that when you bend over to touch your toes, there is no gap between the bottom of your shirt and the top of your pants.
Pants: should be comfortable and easy to move around in. If you are wearing shorts, they should also be snug enough and long enough so that they will not ride down your legs if you should do a pose that requires you to put your legs up in the air.


  • 40 Hours Yoga for Amputees – 2018
  • 60 Hours Anatomy of Breath-Centered Yoga: Appendicular Body – 2017
  • 32 Hours Continuing Education Credit in Adapting Yoga for Disability Level I/II – 2016
  • 100 Hour Certified Mindful Yoga Therapy Instructor  – 2015
  • 30 Hour Mindful Yoga Therapy Adaptive Yoga Teacher Training – 2015
  • 500 Hour Certified Embodyoga© Teaching Training  – 2015
  • Registered with Yoga Alliance