Classes are just $15.00.   (This includes CT state sales tax).  Series class prices vary depending on the number of classes.

1st Class is FREE – just use the promo code 1stfree when registering.  

*PLEASE NOTE*  We are no longer accepting drop-ins for any of our classes with the exception of our Mindful Yoga Therapy Class.

ONE WEEK PASS Ok, so you have taken your first class free here at Ellenanne Yoga Studio, LLC and you liked it. But, maybe you are thinking is every class this good? (We think they are). But maybe you're still not sure if we are a good fit. Use this pass to see if we really connect. *This pass is good for all the classes we offer except the Ambulatory Adaptive Yoga classes and Mindful Yoga Therapy for Veterans Class, which you can attend for free if you are a veteran.

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Build "Your Body's Yoga" Practice

So most of us have heard about the benefits of yoga:  reduced stress and anxiety along with increased flexibility and balance.  So you take a class, but instead of feeling less stress and anxiety, you leave class feeling inadequate, overwhelmed and maybe even a little dizzy from how fast the class was moving.  You had no idea what the heck the instructor was saying, much less doing up there in the front of the class.  Well, if this has been your experience, this class will provide you with a very different experience.  We will focus on just 4 to 6 fundamental postures per class, and how to incorporate your breath with each movement.  Class size is limited to allow you to receive individual attention as you build your “Your Body’s Yoga©” practice one posture at a time.  Come discover “Your Body’s Yoga©” where the posture fits your body, not your body fit into the posture.

MONDAY @ 5:30 PM  6 Week Series     Reserve Your Mat Space

MONDAY @ 5:30 PM                                  Reserve Your Mat Space

 MONDAY @5:30 PM Single Class           Reserve Your Mat Space

Open to students of all levels of practice and abilities.


Your Body’s Yoga 

A practice that blends postures, breath and movement to promote health, increase flexibility and strength and decrease stress.  Open to students of all levels of practice and abilities with modifications that allow each student to practice “Your Body’s Yoga”.

WEDNESDAY @ 5:30 PM       Reserve Your Mat Space THURSDAY @ 9:30 AM          Reserve Your Mat Space Open to students of all levels of practice and abilities.

Introduction to Yoga for the Ambulatory Adaptive Student

Ambulatory Adaptive classes are for individuals who are able to walk, but live with impaired mobility or balance issues.  Adaptive students must be able to follow simple instructions. A care giver may attend classes with the student at no charge.  **PLEASE NOTE** The studio is located on the second floor.  The building is under renovation and is currently not wheelchair accessible.  You must be able to walk up a flight of stairs to get to class. Once you have completed a minimum of 6 classes, you may join any of the other classes offered at the studio.

This class is open to any ambulatory adaptive student who is new to yoga.

TUESDAY 10:00 AM  Reserve Your Mat Space

6-Week Series—Intro to Yoga for the Ambulatory Adaptive Student, Tuesday March  20, 2018 @9:30 am – Reserve Your Mat Space

Ambulatory Adaptive Yoga Open House

Please register for our Ambulatory Adaptive Yoga Open Houses for a chance to learn what adaptive yoga is all about.  Our Open House is held the second Sunday of every month (Subject change, so please check the available dates).
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Mindful Yoga Therapy for Veterans.

Mindful Yoga Therapy for Veterans. A program designed to help vets find a calm and steady body and mind through the practice of yoga, meditation, breath work, yoga nidra and meditation. This is a free class for veterans and a family member or caregiver. Preregistration is suggested, but not required.

FRIDAY 10:30 AM Schedule Appointment