330 Main Street

Manchester, CT 06040

(860) 655-7676

Message me:  http://m.me/ellenanneyoga


Ellenanne Yoga Studio, LLC is located in the Historic State Armory building.  You can now access the studio from Main Street.  (There is a sign that says parking is limited to 1 hour, but don't worry, it is not enforced).  Just park out front, come in the front doors, you will pass a staircase on your left, go passed it and take a left.  You will see a brown fire door on it with two signs. One that says: Ellenanne Yoga Studio, LLC and one that says Tania Palermo Studio on Main.  Go through that door and straight ahead is a door that says Classroom.  Welcome to Ellenanne Yoga Studio.
Parking is also available in the back of the building. This is a bit more of an adventurous way to enter.  Here's how you do it.
If you are coming off of Armory Street (which is a one way street) from Main Street, take a left onto Guard street. The driveway is on the left.  (It's the only one)
If you are coming from Haynes Street, Guard street is your first right.  The driveway is on the right.
Pull into the parking lot.   You will see two buildings as you pull into the parking lot. The studio is in the 2 story building in front of you. The one story building on the left is a garage.  Please do not park in front the garage doors.   If you should wander into the garage, say hi to John and Al, tell them that the antique cars and fire trucks are looking good, and then head toward the doors on the bottom floor of the 2 story building.  There is a large black and white sign that says ENTRANCE and directory sign underneath of it. Enter through that door.  Follow the hallway to the end where you will see another set of brown fire doors.  Go through those doors and take the stairs that are on your right.  Follow the stairs up to the second level and take a left.  You'll see another brown fire door. (Can you guess that the landlord is a volunteer fire fighter?) with two signs.  One that says: Ellenanne Yoga Studio, LLC and another that says: Tania Palermo Studio on Main.  Go through that door.  In front of you will be a door says classroom.  Whew, you have reached the studio.